‘Shaving foam idiots’ ruin Christmas switch-on in Cookstown

Cookstown Christmas Tree.INMM4812-389SR
Cookstown Christmas Tree.INMM4812-389SR

Cookstown’s Christmas light switch-on on Thursday was spoiled by ‘young prats with shaving foam’, it has been claimed.

Many of those who turned out for the festive season kick-off took, to Facebook to vent their frustration.

Kathy Creighton posted: “Town is destroyed already when I was walking home at 6pm.

“I’m not going to see lights because I got plastered last year and got new boots and coat destroyed.”

Linda Fields: “Unfortunately plenty of foam which affected my son as he got some on him and panicked and then there was a fight.

“Such a carry on really!!! Disgusted and a little boy who is asking why why why.”

It is understood that a number of businesses in the town refused to stay open for what would be a busy night trading, after similar problems last year.

Brian Barrow posted: “We Had To close the shop in the Town centre that I work in the night the Christmas lights go on due to the idiots running about with shaving foam destroying a good nights family fun.

“Nobody wants to be bothered with all that crap!”

The Mid Ulster Mail received complaints that vehicles parked on the Orritor Road area were also covered with foam.