Shock as 100 caught speeding in just one week

SHOCKING statistics have revealed that more than 100 drivers have been caught by police for driving offences in Cookstown within the past week.

In one four hour operation close to a primary school on the Orritor Road, 15 people were caught speeding in a 40mph zone - including one caught driving at 75mph and who could not stop when signalled to.

According to the PSNI, the average speed of those travelling in the zone was 50mph.

The man caught driving at 75mph is to be reported to the Public Prosecution Service for careless driving as well as speeding. Most of the others will be dealt with via a fixed penalty notice.

One person was also caught for misusing a mobile phone.

The operation was held last Saturday on a short stretch of road between Orritor Primary School and Craigmount estate.

And in a separate day-long operation throughout the Cookstown area, 69 speeding detections were made by the camera safety van while a further 21 detections were made by police officers.

This brought the total of detections for speeding and other motoring offences for those two operations to 107.

DUP MLA Ian McCrea had raised the issued of speeding close to the primary school praised the police operation.

He said he was shocked at the statistics and warned that children could be killed by motorists driving at speed past the primary school.

“I have witnesses many people who appear to be speeding but I am shocked at the numbers caught in such a short space of time. To hear statistics like this is a worry.

“They are putting children’s lives in danger as well as other drivers and pedestrians.

“These statistics highlight just how serious this problem is. Speeding can cause serious injury or death. And with some of the speeds these motorists were doing - it could have caused death.

“Parents are very concerned about speeding in the area and I would urge people to learn to keep within the limit,” said Mr McCrea.

Senior PSNI Inspector Hazel Moucka urged drivers to abide by the speed limit.

“I appeal to drivers to slow down and to heed the restrictions. Speeding is a serious risk to other drivers and pedestrians as well as children,” said the Senior Inspector.

And she reminded the public of the drinking and driving laws particularly at Christmas. Inspector Moucka said the police would be out to catch anyone driving over the legal limit.