Shocked resident finds WWII gun in garden

The revolver and ammunition which were found in a bag in the garden in Lisnamorrow.
The revolver and ammunition which were found in a bag in the garden in Lisnamorrow.
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A MAGHERAFELT man has spoken of his shock after finding a handgun and ammunition in his garden at the weekend.

Last Saturday Paul Hosie was digging in his garden at his home in Lisnamorrow to lay foundations for a garage - when he stumbled upon a pistol type handgun in a plastic bag and ammunition.

Paul and his family, including three children, have lived at the house for over four years, were evacuated along with two neighbouring houses while army technical officers investigated the find.

He said officers questioned him and then made him wait outside while they removed the gun, which he believed was still cocked.

“Just the thought that any of my kids could have found it, it’s terrible,” Mr Hosie said.

He expressed his disappointment at the lack of communication from the police regarding the incident.

“The CID came and took a statement. Then the army came to take it away and that was it,” he said.

Mr Hosie is worried that there could be another firearm in his garden.

“When they came I said to them, three years ago I was digging a hole and found these cases that I had in my hand. He just said ‘Yeah that’s a shell, that’s fine’. And that was in a completely different part of my garden.”

When contacted, PSNI confirmed they had recovered the weapon and ammunition. They said they both date from WWII and that the items were badly corroded, they could not confirm if the ammunition was for more than one weapon. They did not have any information on the circumstances of them being there.

Since the MAIL contacted them, PSNI have contacted Mr Hosie to reassure him the gun was not usable and he can continue his work in the garden.