Should we ban dogs from cemeteries in Mid Ulster?

Cookstown Cemetery. INMM4713-159ar.
Cookstown Cemetery. INMM4713-159ar.

Both editions of this week’s Mid Ulster Mail lead with stories surrounding dogs - man’s best friend.

Without doubt the most serious and alarming of the two stories is the attack on a child in Magherafelt, and the fact that the owners fled the scene.

What we have now is an unidentified dangerous dog, which is liable to attack again. A few years ago, my niece aged around four at the time had a miraculous escape after being set-upon by two Labradors - yes Labradors - saved only by her duffel coat, which bore the evidence of the dogs’ teeth marks.

Those two dogs were never found - even though it was clear which house they came from - they simply disappeared, or were disappeared.

In Cookstown, dog fouling in the cemetery has prompted understandable anger from the community.

It is outrageous that the most sacred public space is being used as a toilet by belligerent dog owners.

Yes, I am no dog lover - there’s even a cat fridge magnet in the likeness of our own precious feline friend - but it’s the not the dogs at fault here, it is the owners that must bear full responsibility.

Should dogs be banned from cemeteries in Mid Ulster?

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