Singer Kim effortless in role of Karen Carpenter

Kim Dickinson takes on the role of Carpenters frontwoman Karen
Kim Dickinson takes on the role of Carpenters frontwoman Karen

COUNTRY singer Kim Dickinson will bring the melodic hits of the Carpenters alive when she plays Cookstown this month.

‘We’ve only just begun’, an authentic Carpenters show celebrating the hits of The Carpenters comes to the Burnavon, Cookstown on Friday 28th October, featuring the wonderful Kim Dickinson.

Singer Kim never intended to enter the music business. In fact, despite recently touring with the legendary group, The Beach Boys, she dreamt of a future working with horses when she was younger. Born in Liverpool, Kim relocated to Omagh when she was just 11 years old. One day a family friend happened to hear her sing in her bedroom and recommended that she take singing more seriously and pursue a career.

As Kim’s singing started to take off she was very lucky to join some of the best known performers in Ireland such as Philomena Begley, Dominic Kirwan, Declan Nerney and Brendan Grace to name a few, and went on to land a slot on TG4 TV station with her very own show. In 2000 she recorded her first album in Nashville and was staggered when it went straight to No 1 in both the independent European charts and the Nashville Showcase.

The single ‘Here I am Again’ taken from the album also went to No 1 in the European Charts and stayed there for six weeks.

The unforgettable Carpenters were the biggest-selling group of the 70s. No fewer than ten of their singles went on to become million-sellers, and by 2005 combined worldwide sales of albums and singles well exceeded 100 million units. Yet the Carpenters were much more than creators of beautifully crafted and hugely successful hit records. Within the space of just a few years their unique and inimitable sound had brought a new dimension to the world of popular music.

‘We’ve Only just begun’ celebrates the fantastic songs of The Carpenters. The sensational vocals of Kim Dickinson are an uncanny resemblance to Karen Carpenter. Kim’s talented singing provides a musical journey through the wonderful hit songs of The Carpenters, aided with authentic costumes and live music support.

Kim Dickinson’s voice is considered by many to be the finest and most expressive in popular music. She has been praised for her control, sense of pitch, and the subtle nuances of personal expression she introduces to a melody. Many singers have tried to imitate Karen Carpenter but Kim Dickinson is by far the most authentic

Join Kim Dickinson in a trip down memory lane in remembering the music of one of the world’s greatest duos with songs such as ‘Close To You’, ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’, ‘Top Of The World’, ‘Mr Postman’, ‘Rainy Days And Mondays’, ‘I Won’t Last A Day Without You’, ‘Calling Occupants’, and ‘Ticket To Ride’.

Tickets for the show are on sale now, costing £15 and £13 concession, and can be purchased at the Burnavon Box Office, Burn Road, by telephone on 028 8676 9949, or online at