Sinn Féin added unnecessary amounts to Mid-Ulster rate - McLean

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The DUP’s Paul McLean has accused Sinn Fein of adding “unnecessary amounts” to the district new rate.

Councillor McLean said his party group had a number of meetings and on going correspondence between senior officers to identify savings and reduce costs to the ratepayers, while retaining the high service level already being delivered by the three existing councils.

“However, we don’t believe that the proposed 1% reduction was unreasonable bearing in mind that regional government have demanded their department to make significantly higher savings,” he said.

“We further believe that the public will see through the hypocrisy of Sinn Fein on one hand delivering a silver tongued speech and on the other hand adding hundreds of pounds to an already high budget.

“Before all the unnecessary amounts were added by Sinn Fein the 1% reduction equated to about £95,000 reduction over six departments, which in our opinion, was not unreasonable within a £30 million budget.”