Sinn Féin election posters stolen in Castledawson

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Sinn Féin Assembly candidate Ian Milne has said that he has reported the theft of his election posters from Castledawson village and has appealed for everyone to abide by the democratic process.

Mr Milne said, “I have reported the theft of my election posters from Castledawson village as each and every one was removed in a systematic fashion shortly after being erected.

“While all parties expect to lose a few posters, usually due to bad weather, the removal of the entire batch of Sinn Féin posters can only be viewed as an attack on the democratic process.

“These posters are costly to print and take time and effort to put up and they should be left in place until after polling day when the parties have the responsibility to remove them.

“I would call on all candidates in the election to publicly condemn the removal of posters and allow the electorate to make their choices through the ballot box after being given equal access to all political points of view.

“The removal of these posters will however not deter Sinn Féin from bringing its message of equality and strong leadership into every home in the Mid Ulster constituency.”