Sinn Fein intent on removing ‘all traces of British tradition’

DUP MLA, Ian McCrea, has hit out at the statement in last week’s MAIL by Sinn Fein stating that Magherafelt town centre is anything but a shared space for nationalists.

“This is yet another blind and hypocritical accusation by Sinn Fein in their attempts to have the public believe that they are trying to make Magherafelt an all-inclusive space for everyone in the community,” he said.

“As far as I see all Sinn Fein are intent on is removing any trace of British tradition and symbolism in our towns and Magherafelt is no different.

“But I find this to be extremely hypocritical; they only need to dip their hands into their own pockets and see the Queen’s face on the money that they gladly spend. How can Sinn Fein and others support this British cleansing in one hand and justifiably spend and accept British money or benefits in the other.

“It’s time they accepted the facts that the streets of Magherafelt and any other town in Northern Ireland are the Queen’s highways and while I accept that we have our cultural differences, it is no excuse to attempt and rid this country of its British identity which they gladly partake of when it suits.”