Sinn Fein rallying call for Mid Ulster council election

Francie Molloy
Francie Molloy

Mid Ulster’s most senior Sinn Fein politician has warned against protest votes in this week’s election to the new super-council.

In a rallying statement, Francie Molloy MP said constituents should not me ‘misled by Independents, spoilers or one hit wonders’.

He said: “You can make a difference to the representation on your new local Council. By voting you are ensuring that your voice is heard and that you are playing a part in building a new council where equality is the central focus.”

“By voting Sinn Féin you are ensuring that you are returning a strong, united team across the whole constituency. We represent rural and urban, we are from the towns and the countryside and represent both parts with equal vigour.”

“Sinn Féin will have the strength and numbers to deliver an effective service and to provide top class representation for the whole of the Mid Ulster Council area. Sinn Féin candidates are easily identified by the Sinn Féin logo beside each one. Make your mark carefully and return a full Sinn Féin team.”

“Our constituency offices across Coalisland, Cookstown, Dungannon and Gulladuff continue to work on your behalf regardless of religious beliefs or political opinion.”

The Mid Ulster MP concluded, “These elections will set the marker for how your local council will operate over the next generation and it is important that the right direction is taken at the outset.”

“Don’t be misled that by voting for Independents, spoilers or one hit wonders that you can change the world. The only way to bring about change is to have strong representation by a strong Sinn Féin team that are there in numbers to make a real difference.”

In a series of video interviews to be published on the Tyrone Times website, candidates from the main political parties give their assessment of what some have claimed has been a lacklustre campaign, and discuss an apparent surge in voter apathy.

Voting for the news Mid Ulster Super Council and European elections will open on Thursday morning at 6am and will close at 10am.

Counting will start on Friday morning in Magherafelt’s Meadowbank Sports Complex. Results for the council election are not expected until Friday afternoon, and counting could continue through until Saturday. The Tyrone Times website will deliver the results as they are announced.