Slideshow: ‘Idiot parking’ Facebook site attracts 4,000 likes

A Facebook site set up to shame errant parking, has continued to receive a deluge of images from across Mid Ulster.

‘I park like an idiot’ has now attracted almost 4,000 likes on Facebook, with hundreds of images published since the online site was first created, less than two weeks ago.

Wrong side of the white lines

Wrong side of the white lines

Those behind the page acknowledged the overwhelming response from almost every town and village in the area.

“The 3,729 of you who liked his page and all those who sent in photos from all over Mid Ulster will be happy to know that the “idiot parkers” are absolutely raging,” they said.

“Some of the PMs [messages] are just vile, so very, very angry and threatening, they hate the photo of their car posted on here.

“So sleep well fellow snappers knowing that in a very small way you just annoyed the hell out of that idiot whose inconsiderate parking inconvenienced you.”