Slievegallion is one of Northern Ireland’s most important geological sites

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The geological importance of Slievegallion mountain which dominates the Mid Ulster landscape, will be revealed this weekend.

Following on from the interest generated by Dr Mark Cooper’s geology talk in April, Sperrins Gateway Landscape Partnership are delighted to present not one but two ‘Rock Stars’, Dr Mark Cooper and Dr Kirstin Lemon’ from the Geological Survey for Northern Ireland, in an exploration of the unique geology of Slieve Gallion on November 23.

“Slieve Gallion has a fascinating and unique geology’ states Dr Mark Cooper, “Its rocks tell the story of how our landscape was shaped.

“This mountain fascinates geologists and we will explore the different formations all the way from the amazing views at the summit of Slieve Gallion to Northstone’s working quarry at Carmean.”

“Not one rock star but two”, said Stéphanie Baine from the Sperrins Gateway Landscape Partnership.

“This opportunity to hear about one of the top geological sites in Northern Ireland’s top from two of its ‘rock stars’ is fantastic.”

“The feedback and information from this exploration of Slieve Gallion will help us develop a new Geology Trail for the Sperrins Gateway area,” Stéphanie continued.

If you’d like to take part in any geological workshops or events please contact Stéphanie on 028 7962 8750 or look at the Sperrins Gateway website and face book page.