Smaller firms will be protected, says MLA

NEW legislation will protect sub contractors and suppliers when larger construction firms go out of business, a local politician has explained.

Sinn Féin MLA,, Bronwyn McGahan, was speaking about the Construction Contracts Exclusion Order 2012.

The Fermanagh-South Tyrone representative said: “This addition to the Construction Contracts 2011 will help protect small businesses whether they are sub contractors or suppliers that are employed through Governmental contracts.

“All too often when large contractors go bankrupt the people further down the food chain also reap the hardship as they lose out.

“The amendment to the act will go some way in protecting suppliers and sub contractors from falling victim to the knock on effect of large companies going out of business.

“The Construction industry is one of the largest industries on the island but it is also one of the first to feel the effect of any recession.

“It is therefore important that we protect and support the industry as much as possible and I believe this amendment to the act will do that.”