South Derry economy ‘will lose £16m in welfare cuts’ - McGuigan

Magherafelt council
Magherafelt council

Magherafelt District Council will tonight discuss the potential impact of welfare cuts to the south Derry economy - estimated at £16 million per annum.

Sinn Fein councillor Brian McGuigan has tabled a motion calling on the council to “totally oppose the imposition of Tory welfare cuts, which would have a devastating impact on the most vulnerable in our society, including working families, the poor and people with disabilities.”

Cllr McGuigan’s proposal, which is expected to be carried by the Sinn Fein controlled council, also urges the council to write to the First and Deputy First Ministers outlining their opposition.

In a statement ahead of tonight’s meeting Cllr McGuigan said according to a research paper produced by the Centre for Economic Empowerment and commissioned by the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action, the local economy will lose £16 million per annum in welfare cuts, or a reduction of £550 per annum in the incomes of each working age adult across the area.