Spooky goings on at Lissan House

Lissan House
Lissan House

Dare you brave a haunted house this Halloween? Have you the courage to walk in the footpath of generations of the dead? Can you bear to hear the cries of the ghost of the dead?

Then this Halloween you can spend a night in the spook surroundings of Lissan House, Cookstown.

Renowned psychic and spiritualist Fiona Stewart Williams is hosting an evening at the County Tyrone house on October 28 that promises experiments designed to reach out to the other side of death.

“Without a doubt this venue is rather special,” said Fiona. “I visited Lissan House and its ghosts before I decided to run this event.

“This fabulous ghostly apparition emitted a rather pleasing, fresh and heady scent of lavender, that not only gave me a sense of wellbeing and joy but brought about a rather relaxed atmosphere, which enabled me to communicate to her effectively.”

The house built in the Plantation era of Ulster was built and subsequently adorned by Sir Robert Ponsonby Staples and includes historic portraits of many of the previous occupants.

“The history of this property is amazing and my article does not bring it justice however links to C S Lewis - author of the Narnia books - are connected to this grand house,” she said.

The evening includes dining as well as a series of opportunities to interact with the other side.

But for Fiona events like these are more than just chances to thrill – they touch every part of her life.

“I have always been interested in the Spirit World,” she said. “I have had the ability to see, hear and communicate with Spirit from childhood. I am currently a working Psychic and Spiritualist Medium.

“One of my most vivid experiences was when my father came to me to tell me he had died. He was having surgery and passed away on the operating table I was only ten years of age. So, my fascination with the spirit world has been an intrinsic part of my life.

“Physical Phenomena has always been an interest and to visit places that are haunted by those souls, who wish to still live here and communicate that there is no death is really a treat for me.

“It is so fascinating to be able to interview those souls that have lived in a different era and can comment on how the current world conditions have altered and changed through the years.”

For more information go to www.psychicfionani.co.uk or www.eventbrite.co.uk