Star Shauna ready for take-off

Shauna Tohill
Shauna Tohill

SNOW Patrol have snapped up gorgeous Magherafelt girl Shauna Tohill to duet with hunky Gary Lightbody at all their Irish gigs this month.

And it promises to be a mega year for the talented girl as a single she has written for her band Silhouette is to be used by the NI Tourist Board’s latest TV campaign.

Not only that but the other band she has been gigging with this past five years Rams’ Pocket Radio have been on the Radio One playlist all this week with their latest single Dieter Rams.

Plus Shauna with the Rams’ Pocket Radio will be supporting Snow Patrol at two of their Irish gigs as well.

“It’s amazing. It’s an honour to be asked back,” said Shauna who dueted with Gary Lightbody at the prestigious MTV EMA awards at an open air gig outside Belfast City Hall in November.

And with that electrifying performance it is no wonder the internationally renowned Snow Patrol asked Shauna to sing with them again.

The Magherafelt girl comes from a very talented family with her mum Maura well known in music circles as a talented vocalist and her grandmother the late Eileen Donaghy renowned for singing throughout the world.

Even as a young child, INXS frontman Ciaran Gribben from Castledawson babysat Shauna and her sisters Maeve, Christine and Eihmear when her mum Maura was gigging.

With music in her blood it was no wonder Shauna excelled in a variety of instruments as well as vocally during years at St Pius X and Rainey Endowed.

She studied music to A level and started her own bands.

Currently she is the inspiration behind Silhouette with her vision ‘to create music to enhance people’s lives - pure and honest’.

Silhouette is made up of her sister Eimhear Tohill who is backing vocals and synth, Zara Flemming on cello, Connor Burnside on drums and George Muldrew on guitar.

And as well as writing songs and lead vocalist for Silhouette, Shauna is an integral part of Rams’ Pocket Radio who are also soaring in popularity across the UK, particularly after amazing airplay on Radio One.

Modestly, Shauna said: “Well they needed someone to play bass.” - one of the many instruments she excels at.

However it is Silhouette which is her passion (when she is not teaching music at Lisburn School of Music) or working in holistic medicine which is trained for.

Her Silhouette track ‘Can’t Keep Up’ which will feature on the NI Tourist Board TV campaign should be released as a single around February 14.

And Shauna will be releasing an EP around April. This will feature as the launch of the tour she is currently arranging.

This beautiful, talented and popular young lady is sure in demand and destined for stardom.

Shauna can be reached by or!/silhouette123