Stock up on Winter fuel supplies

With the price of home heating fuels continuously rising, the thought of paying for oil or coal this winter seems daunting to us all.

This is why Cookstown District Council along with the Cookstown Warmer Homes Group is urging everybody to Start Budgeting NOW, saving for home heating fuels, to be prepared for this winter!

Many of us will start to put our heating on regularly by the end of October. That leaves just 10 saving weeks before we will need to purchase heating fuel. If you were to purchase £25 worth of fuel stamps each week until the end of October, you will save £250 towards the cost of home heating fuel.

You don’t have to purchase £25 each week though, you can purchase as little or as many as you like of the £5 fuel stamps to help you towards the cost of home heating fuels.

To find out more information about the Cookstown Fuel Stamp Scheme and where you can purchase your £5 fuel stamps, contact Cookstown District Council on 028867 62205 or visit