Substantial quantity of cannabis plants found in Cookstown


POLICE in Cookstown are investigating suspected drugs found in a rented house on Loughdoo Road, Cookstown.

A substantial quantity of suspected cannabis plants have been found and Police are appealing for members of the public to report any suspicious activity, especially landlords who suspect that rented property is being used for illegal purposes.

The PSNI are advising private landlords to make thorough checks of their property on a regular basis.

In the past, investigations have shown that many of the properties used as factories for cannabis cultivation are in the private rental sector across Northern Ireland.

Police say there are telltale signs that propoerities are being used for this type of activity. PSNI would ask people to remain vigilant and look out for the following signs.

Windows blacked out in premises with possible condensation

Pungent, unusual smells

Unusual activity at premises (people visiting once or twice per day - then leaving).

While we do not want the public to be overly alarmed, we would encourage vigilance and ask landlords to make regular checks of their properties.

The PSNI also wish to point out that landlords should check their premises periodically.

Unfortunately, not everyone who rents private property behaves in a manner which is suitable both to the landlord and indeed the police. Sometimes landlords discover this too late, when they find out that their tenant is using their property to break the law, or has caused criminal damage, or has even used the property to commit a serious criminal offence like using it as a cannabis factory. Houses can be ruined when used in this way leaving massive repair bill.

Anyone with information about suspicious activity is asked to contact their local police on 0845 600 8000