‘Switch-over’ scam warning

LOCAL police are advising householders to be wary of a new bogus caller scam which takes advantage of the new digital TV switchover.

A number of people across the district have reported bogus callers trying to trick their way inside by saying they are making preparations for the householder to receive digital channels on their television sets.

A spokesman for the police said: “There has been considerable publicity about the switchover, and by now most people will have made arrangements for the necessary adjustments to be carried out.

“What we are concerned about is that fraudsters may use the opportunity to try to exploit any uncertainty that exists.

“If you are approached by callers offering to re-tune televisions or check aerials, do not avail of their services unless you know who they are.

“If you do need any technical assistance, contact the helpline numbers that have been widely publicised, or a reputable local dealer or aerial erector.

“Remember, even when you have made arrangements for someone to call, check out their identities before allowing them into your home.

“If you are approached and turn strangers away, spare a thought for any elderly or vulnerable neighbours and check with them to ensure they have not also been approached and conned.”

Information Awareness workshops have been held in the district inlcuding Clogher.

Organiser Kenny Donaldson noted that these events were not just attended by older people, but many across the age profiles, who seemed to be “baffled” with what was going on.

“Common queries were: I meet the criteria to receive support via the Help Scheme but I do I meet the criteria to receive a free Digital Box?

“Is my TV modern enough or do I need to get a Box? Will I still be able to get the RTE stations?

“Do I need a separate digital box for every TV set that I have in my home? And how do I go about re-tuning my TV set when the Switchover occurs?”

“I have been approached by a number of older people who had problems but I was able to advise them directly on what they needed to do and/or refer them to the Switchover help line.”

If you are still having problems with your television sets and are unable to access digital television call the Digital UK helpline on 08456 50 50 50 or drop into your nearest electrical store to get further help.