Take advantage of free microchipping service

FROM 1 April 2012 it will be compulsary to have your dog microchipped to receive a dog Licence.

Magherafelt Council has entered into an arrangement with the Dogs Trust to allow all dog owners to obtain a free microchip from their local vet, in the intervening period up to the 31 March 2012.

Magherafelt Council and the Dogs Trust strongly recommend that all dog owners avail of this opportunity to attain these free microchips.

Participating Veterinary Surgeons: Craemill Veterinary Clinic, 02879301899; Collins Vets, 02879633555; Glenshane Vets, 02879642279; Crockett Jamison & Young, 02879631144.

It will be a condition for receipt of a Dog Licence that the dog in question has been fitted with a microchip by a recognised veterinary surgeon. The microchip number must be provided to the dog licensing department before your dog licence can be renewed next year.

As and from the 31 March 2012 you will be able to get your dog microchipped by the vet but there will be a charge incurred.

If you already have your dog micrcohipped and you have not informed Magherafelt Council of your microchip number you should do so immediately in order to allow the council to update their records.

Should you require any further information on the changes in the legislation please do not hesitate to contact the Council’s Enforcement Officer on 02879 397979.