The Argory and Springhill House

Mary Ashford walking along the Lime Tree Walk at The Argory. Picture by Bernie Brown
Mary Ashford walking along the Lime Tree Walk at The Argory. Picture by Bernie Brown

EVERY weekend throughout February the stunning National Trust properties of The Argory near Moy and Springhill House, Moneymore will open their gates once again in time for our visitors to view the carpets of snowdrops along the many walks around the properties.

The severe winter has not effected the snowdrops at all and we are looking forward to a fantastic display along the walks at both properties.

The first sight of the bright white nodding heads of snowdrops peeping through the undergrowth is like a breath of fresh air and a sign that winter is coming to an end.

The diminutive, white, bell-shaped flowers are always welcome sight in the garden in the bleak days of February. However, snowdrops are very hardy and the colder the weather, the longer the flowers last, with some flowering into March. There is even a species that flowers in autumn.

Not only are the snowdrops brave enough to cope with whatever the weather throws at them, but they are also the masters of subtlety.

Their blue-grey spears have perforated the damp earth and the shoots have expanded and released their delicate, dangling green and white bells.

After your Sunday lunch why not come for an invigorating walk at The Argory or Springhill House, after which revive yourself with afternoon tea in our Tea Rooms, which will be snug and warm and full of home baked produce.

Why not have a browse in our bookshops where there is an impress selection of second hand books. The National Trust Gift Shops will be open and there will be an opportunity to enrol as a member and support the largest environmental and conservational charity in Europe, before rates increase in March.

Both properties will open between 1pm to 5pm every Saturday and Sunday in February.

For further information please contact the Argory on 028.8778 4753 or Springhill on 8674 8210.