Theft of live electricity cables causes Magherafelt powercut

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POLICE are appealing for information and urging the public to be vigilant following the theft of live overhead electricity lines at Glenmaquill Road, Magherafelt.

The incident, which was reported at 7.25am on October 31, resulted in a power cut to a number of houses in the area however, such incidents place the thief and potentially members of the community at risk of serious or even fatal injury.

When the power cuts were reported to Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) by their customers it was discovered that a number of wooden poles had been cut down and overhead stolen.

Other incidents of damage to overhead powerlines have also been reported in recent weeks in the Cookstown area, including an incident on Tuesday 29th October at Tullyboy Road, Moneymore.

A PSNI spokesperson urged anyone who notices suspicious activity close to power lines, substations or other NIE or utility company premises to contact police immediately: “The theft of metal and cable can expose the community to huge dangers, such as roadside manholes left without inspection covers, loss of 999 phone services due to cable theft and of course the risk of electrocution due to tampering with live power cables or substations.”