Thieves take electric motors off ‘white goods’ at Magherafelt recycling centres.

Editorial image
Editorial image

‘White goods’ are being singled out by thieves breaking into waste recycling centres in Magherafelt District Council area.

The monthly meeting of the council heard that electric motors were being taken off the goods stored on the sites at Draperstown and Maghera. The metal is then sold for profit.

The Draperstown recycling centre has been broken into several times and, although it has been captured on CCTV, the culprits are wearing hoods and their images are not clear.

Director of Operations, Andrew Cassells, said the intruders had removed palisade fence rails to gain entry.

He said the contents of skips were thrown over the site, including scrap metal skip and dry cell battery box. Domestic waste was also dumped at the site’s entrance gates.