Things that go bump in the night... (if the window’s closed)

JOIN Envision community heritage project and Butterfly Conservation Northern Ireland for a family friendly night of nocturnal exploration at Kilcronaghan Activity Centre from 7pm tonight (Thursday).

June 21st - 23rd is Moth Night 2012 across the UK, an annual celebration of these funny, furry, fascinating creatures. To celebrate this event, residents around the Kilcronaghan area will be getting together to find out what creatures of the night they can find in their gardens.

Catherine Bertrand, Regional Officer from Butterfly Conservation commented: “Even the most average of gardens will still have at least 100 different moth species living in it, most of which will live totally under the radar, out of sight and out of mind, unless of course you happen to leave you windows open and the lights on...”

There are about 1000 different species of moth found throughout Ireland. June is one of the very best months to experience the amazing range of colours, shapes, sizes and patterns of moths. We hope to encounter the bright pink Elephant Hawk-moth, the delicate yellow Brimstone, the dashing Spectacle and perhaps even the spectacular Garden Tiger, the moth most commonly encountered as a Granny Greybeard caterpillar.

Pol Mac Cana, Envision project manager from Carntogher Community Association who have organised this event added “Moths are a very important indicator of the health of the environment and also provide an essential food source for birds, bats and other animals. As this area has never been trapped before we are hoping to turn up some new species for the county, and encourage everyone to take a slightly closer look at the world outside their windows.”

Come and join us on Thursday night for an interactive talk on moths and moth myths, with a chance to meet some of the spectacular species commonly encountered (but rarely seen) across the country. There is a chance to ‘adopt’ a moth trap for the night so you can find out what is lurking in your garden – who knows what we might find?

Find out more information on Moth Night 2012

For more information on the local event at Kilcronaghan, contact Pól on 028-7954-9978 or