Titanic CD helps Curtis tune up for fair

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ENTERTAINER Curtis Magee who is a popular visitor to Cookstown will launch his new CD, Titanic, at this year’s

Aul Lammas Fair in Ballycastle.

This will be his 20th year at the fair and he said every year he tries to come up with something new for his fans, so that they will continue to come and support him every year.

The dates for this years fair is Monday, August 27 and Tuesday, August 28.

Curtis told the MAIL: “ It’s hard to be believe this is my 20th consecutive year at the year, when I started out it was a great way to showcase my music and recordings to such a vast number of people and here we are 20 years later with 27 different CDs still entertaining and recording.”

And he added: “Back in 1992 I was selling cassettes and videos, now it’s CDs and DVDs so I wonder what we will be selling in the years to come.

The new CD features the song Titanic which was written especially for Curtis by song writer Gerald Doran from the band Country Harmony.

“I always had a great fascination with everything about the Titanic and as this was the hundredth anniversary I felt it appropriate to have a song recorded in memory of all those people who lost their lives.”

The song has received great airplay all over the world and is one of many great tracks on the new album.

Other songs on the CD include, My Little Honda 50, The Joyce Country Ceili Band, The Tipperary Girl, Seven Spanish Angels, The Boy from Donegal and two songs closer to home in Rathlin Island and Kitty of Coleraine.

Curtis continues to be one of the busiest entertainers on the road today and after he has packed up from the fair in Ballycastle he will embark on a two week tour of the UK, followed by a week at the famous Gleneagle Hotel in Killarney where he will take to the stage with a host of Ireland’s top bands including Mike Denver,

Nathan Carter, Jimmy Buckley, Isla Grant and Shaun Michael.

Curtis’ philosophy is quite simply to give the people what they want to hear, keep them dancing and singing along and send them home happy.

“Have I any plans to slow down? I’ll pack it in when the diary runs empty,” Curtis smiled.