Tobermore man threw two fireworks out of a car in tribute to his daughter

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A 61-year-old man told police he threw two fireworks out of a car in tribute to his daughter, Magherafelt Magistrates Court heard.

Machine operator Paul Watters from Clooney Road in Tobermore was fined a total of £165 for throwing the bangers and possessing fireworks without a licence.

District Judge Alan White described it as silly behaviour. “It would be silly behaviour even for an 11-year-old,” he remarked.

The incident happened while police were on beat duty at Main Street, Desertmartin, on the evening of February 19.

A prosecuting lawyer said at 7.30pm police saw a car driving past houses and two fireworks being thrown out.

He said officers heard two loud bangs followed by a flash of white light.

Counsel said police later located the defendant at his home and found 700 fireworks in the house and one in the car.

He said Watters told police that he had not intended to cause annoyance or upset to anyone and had done it as a tribute to his daughter.

A defence lawyer said to the defendant it was innocent fun, although he was no longer of that opinion.

He pointed out that the fireworks had been thrown on to waste ground and were no danger to the houses.

“For a man of 61-years he should have known better and that he was breaking the law,” the lawyer said.