Toddler funeral on hold until mum recovers

THE FAMILY of two-year-old Tiegan Hughes from Pomeroy who died this week after a car accident have decided to put her funeral on hold until her mother Eimear Quinn is well enough to attend.

The toddler was severely injured in a crash in Tyrone last week and died in her mother’s arms in hospital on Sunday.

Little Tiegan’s life support machine was switched off after she failed to recover from a brain haemorrhage sustained in the crash.

Eimear was also badly injured in the crash which happened on the Carrickmore to Omagh Road last Thursday.

Just hours after her baby daughter died Eimear had to undergo major surgery on Monday on her broken pelvis.

Yesterday a family source told the Mid Ulster Mail: “Obviously we want Eimear to be there. We honestly don’t know what is happening yet. Eimear wants to be there and rightly so.

“She is just empty at the minute. She is emotionally drained. And being so far away and it is painful what she is going through,” he said, explaining that Eimear was in the Royal Victoria Hospital.

“We want to wait until she comes out to make the arrangements. We honestly don’t know when that will be. But obviously we will hold the funeral back until she is ready to come out - if it takes a week it will be a week, if it takes two weeks so be it.

“It’s been like a roller coaster of emotions. You are up and down. Then you see a picture or a wee pair of shoes or socks and it brings it all back home.

“I think those words that Peter Robinson said after the Michaela Harte murder, it is a sense but only a sense of loss. It does ring true. It is tragic. There is shock - it is unbelievable. It’s hard to take in,” he said.

Pomeroy parish priest Fr Martin McVeigh said: “The thoughts of the parish goes out to the family. Our prayers and support go out to them in every way possible.

We pray especially that Tiegan’s mother will get the strength to recover fully from her accident and the grace to cope. It is so sad,” said Father McVeigh.

This week Eimear’s uncle, Sean Hurson said she was grateful that she was able to see little Tiegan before she died.

“She’s in a bad way, but she was so thankful that she was taken over to Tiegan before they switched off the life-support. Eimear was able to hold her before she died and that meant a lot,” he said.

Mr Hurson said the large family circle were doing everything they could to support the 20-year-old mother.

“We have all been rallying around, doing anything we can to give support to Eimear and help her through this, but it is very difficult,” he added.

The toddler’s aunt - Niamh Quinn - described Tiegan as a “special child”.

“She was just so bright, active and full of fun. Tiegan was the first grandchild in the family so she really was a special child.

“I don’t know how we’ll get through this but I suppose we’ll have to for Eimear’s sake,” she said.

“Eimear really doted on her. She took Tiegan with her when she went to college in Omagh and left her in the creche there.

“They were really inseparable. Tiegan was her life, she was totally devoted to her.”

Tiegan Hughes was with her mother and two other people in the two-car crash on the main Omagh to Carrickmore Road at Drumnakilly. The other two people have been discharged.