Toome bronze age finds may go on show

ARTEFACTS dating back almost 10,000 years, which were found during the construction of the Toome bypass, may soon go on show in Magherafelt.

The council is considering a request from the Roads Service to put on display some of the thousands of finds made by archaeologists back in January 2003.

More than 10,000 artefacts - mostly good quality flints and pottery - were uncovered including stone axe handles and flints from 9,400 years ago through to bronze age times, about 4,500 years ago.

The dig revealed that the Lough shore area around Toome was one of the island’s earliest settlements with evidence of farming having taken place.

Councillor Anne Forde said she would be in favour of putting the artefacts on show at The Bridewell, Magherafelt.

“It would be a very worthwhile exercise from an educational point of view,” she said. “It would give local people, especially school children, an opportunity to view what was unearthed.”