Toome motorist performed a skid with passenger sitting out of the window and banging on the roof


A motorist whose passenger was sitting out of the window banging on the roof while he performed a skid, has lost his licence for 12 months.

Callum Molloy (19), a farm labourer, of Station Park, Toomebridge, was also fined £165 for driving dangerously at the Elk Industrial Estate on the evening of November 1 last year.

District Judge Alan White said that this outrageous type of driving goes on across Northern Ireland.

Mr White told Molloy that anyone who is going to drive like this are going to be disqualified.

“The message has to go out that this kind of driving is not going to be tolerated,” he said.

He added that if the person had fallen out of the window there would have been more serious consequences for him.

A prosecuting lawyer said police in plain clothes were engaged in a proactive traffic operation against anti-social driving in the area of the industrial estate.

He said they observed a silver coloured VW car carrying out a skid over 30-40 feet stretching over both lanes of the roadway.

Counsel said a young male in the front passenger seat was sitting out of the window banging on the roof of the car and cheering the driver on.

He added that at the time there were several parked cars and a number of bystanders in the vicinity.

Admitting the offence Donard McCann, solicitor, explained a group of young people had congregated in the industrial estate and that the defendant had “succumbed to pressure” to perform the manoeuvre.

Mr McCann said the incident lasted between 15 to 20 seconds and had happened at a deadend in the estate where no members of the public were exposed to danger.

In relation to the passenger sitting out of the window, he said Molloy had no control over him.

Mr McCann added that outcome of this case would have serious consequences for defendant as he drove a tractor in connection with his employment.