Tops for household recycling

Blue bins for recycling.
Blue bins for recycling.

Mid Ulster’s Recycling Heroes have excelled again as the district has once more achieved the highest household recycling rate of all 11 councils here for the period July–September 2019.

Official Quarter 2 (July-September 2019) recycling rates just released show Mid Ulster’s Household Waste recycling tops the table with 62.46%, already well exceeding this year’s (2020) statutory recycling target of 50%.

To add to this, the district also had the biggest reduction in waste sent to landfill out of all 11 councils at 3.6% for the quarter (down 17.6% from the same quarter in 2018).

Chair of Mid Ulster District Council’s Environment Committee, Councillor Wilbert Buchanan, applauded these results

“These latest figures are further proof of the fantastic work being done by our residents and recycling heroes on the ground to ensure we consistently maintain this pole position,” he said.

“I would like to extend my sincere thanks to residents for their consistent and determined recycling effort, without which we would find ourselves in a very different and less fortunate ranking. Recognition must also be afforded to the remarkable work council recycling staff carry out on the ground with schools, groups and residents directly, which has undoubtedly also contributed to this success.

“To top this success off, the figures also reveal that Mid Ulster recorded a household waste landfill rate of 3.6%, a staggering decrease of 17.6% compared to the same quarter in 2018 - the largest drop in landfill rate recorded for this quarter, making it the lowest of all 11 councils.

“This is a phenomenal achievement and demonstrates that we are on track to reduce this figure even further which will greatly benefit our environment.”

Mid Ulster Council has operated a proactive recycling programme in the community for several years.

It also has a dedicated team of Recycling Education Officers to help schools raise awareness of environmental issues and promote recycling.

As well as providing interpretive talks for different age groups, the team also offer pupils tips and advice on recycling.