Town’s traffic woes endangering lives

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Contentious changes to Dungannon town centre have been blamed for choking local streets with traffic and endangering the lives of pedestrians.

On a typical mornings buses, cars, vans and lorries creep along busy roads in the Lisnahull, Springdale, Annagole, Annaghshee and Dungannon West areas, while long promised road improvements and paths have yet to be completed.

Barry Monteith, Independent Republican Councillor for Dungannon, said the situation has got considerably worse since the Public Realm scheme ‘destroyed the town centre traffic flow’.

The criticism is the latest in the public backlash against the Market Square changes, which have cost £2.3m.

“More and more traffic avoids the town centre by using the New Well Road and Ballygawley Road”, said Councillor Monteith. “This has further increased road safety issues in these areas. The roads simply cannot cope with current volumes of traffic.

“Waiting times for traffic trying to access these roads from Lisnahull, Springdale, Annagole, Annaghshee and Dungannon West are ridiculous.”

The local representative has consistently raised the problems including road safety issues with Roads Department officials but to no effect. He said that steps to introduce traffic calming on dangerous roads such as Lurgaboy and Mullaghadun Lane appear to have been mothballed.

“Roads officials need to deal with problems instead of just talking about them. Action needs to happen now to address these road safety issues immediately. I would encourage residents to continue to raise their concerns until we are listened to and action is taken.”