Trailer marking event

POLICE are inviting farmers to bring their trailers along to a free trailer security-marking event at Draperstown Mart, on Tuesday, 22nd May from 10am – 1pm.

Crime Prevention Officer, Gillian Dixon said: “The security identity mark is applied to all kinds of trailers, making them easily identifiable to the police, enabling officers on patrol to quickly check ownership details. This will be a valuable tool as officers work to prevent and detect thefts of agricultural goods and machinery.

Police officers on patrol can also use the database to check ownership details of trailers on the move and where there is any suspicion, the registered owner can be contacted to confirm the whereabouts of the trailer and who has been authorised to use it. Should police discover that a trailer is stolen it gives instant grounds to use powers to deal with the crime immediately ensuring that criminals involved are brought before the courts as soon as possible.”

The trailer-marking scheme is offered as a free service to owners. For further information on the event, please contact Gillian Dixon, Crime Prevention Officer, on 07795607167.