Transgender play coming to Cookstown

Transgender character Pauline played by Peter Quigley
Transgender character Pauline played by Peter Quigley

Acclaimed Belfast actor, director and producer Peter Quigley takes on an astonishing role at the Burnavon in Cookstown this Thursday [July 18] in a play exploring the issues of a transgender person.

The play called Tuesdays at Tesco’s, is adapted to a Cookstown setting from an original play by French writer Emmanuel Darley, and produced by Northern Ireland theatre company, Theatre of Pluck.

This amazing piece of theatre charts the intricacies of the relationship between the transsexual son-daughter ‘Pauline’, played with control and nuance by Peter, and her father, in a fifty-minute monologue which happens outside the theatre, transmitted by voice-mic through the Burnavon’s studio window.

The sensitive performance from Peter shows the conflicted life that Pauline is forced to lead on a daily basis, not because she is uncertain of her own identity, but because others have such difficulty accepting it.

A recent review of the play stated: “It is the opposite of a ranting, camped-up piece of acting: the strength of Quigley’s interpretation is that he unflashily and unerringly finds the vulnerable human being in Pauline, whose basic goodness of personality is the heart and soul of Darley’s writing.”

Peter speaking about the performance says: “It’s important that for any minority group that their stories are told and all communities, if possible, become familiar with each other. Familiarity wipes away ignorance and confusion. We see beneath these things and realise we are all just people underneath.

“It is as much about parent-child relationships as it is about being transgender.’

Theatre of Pluck’s Tuesdays at Tescos is at 6.30pm in the Burnavon, Cookstown. Tickets are £8 and on sale at Box Office, by telephone on 028 8676 9949 or online at