'Amazingly' no one was killed in multiple vehicle crash in County Tyrone

Police say "amazingly" no one was killed in an accident outside Cookstown last night which left a number of people in hospital.

Saturday, 8th February 2020, 12:54 pm

The driver of one of the vehicles involved was arrested for driving while having consumed excess alcohol.In a social media post Cookstown police said: So once again tonight ourselves and the rest of the blue light family spend hours dealing with the mess left by a selfish drink driver."We arrived on scene tonight to find a wrecked car pointing the wrong way across the road, smoke coming from the vehicle, agricultural machinery overturned, a female passenger in the car injured and unable to move, a male lying on the road unconscious amongst broken glass/smashed car parts and passing motorists who had stopped were giving first aid."Car driver arrested for a number of offences including excess alcohol and dangerous driving."So what was the direct result/impact of this one selfish individual choosing to get drunk and then drive tonight?"Three Cookstown police crews were needed to deal with the collision and manage road closures - two of whom were on dedicated rural anti burglary patrols for the night."Three ambulances and crews needed to treat the injured."Multiple firefighters and appliances required to attend."Staff in A&E to treat the injured."Hospital beds to keep the injured."Upset families arriving at the scene believing loved ones had possibly been killed."Road closed for hours to deal with, then clean up the mess."Cookstown crew to sit with the arrested male in hospital whilst he was treated."A tricky and dangerous operation involving cranes to recover the overturned agricultural machinery. So all in all a sickening waste of everyone's time and resources but amazingly no one was killed."Thank you again to those who stopped and assisted. In these circumstances it's always impossible to go round thanking everyone individually, but genuinely your assistance and help tonight was first class."To those that used their coats and jackets to keep the injured warm on such a cold night the good news is they haven't disappeared, we collected them up and we have them all in Cookstown station. The enquiry office is open again Monday at 1100 and they can be collected then. Enough of the drunk driving."

A picture of the accident scene taken by the PSNI.