Drink driving collision at lunchtime today - 'someone is going to die'

This shocking image reveals the result of a drink drive collision today at lunchtime.

Monday, 20th May 2019, 6:17 pm
PSNI Facebook

PSNI Magherafelt Facebook today say: "A matter of days ago we highlighted a drink drive collision in Straw just outside Draperstown. "It's sickening to be having the same conversation again after another collision near Draperstown at lunchtime today."

They add that "crews also risked their own safety by climbing into the car to provide first aid to the clearly drunk driver after he rolled it". "As well as a needless waste of our resources, a fire service crew were also required to cut the driver out," it adds."Someone is going to die as a direct consequence of these selfish individuals - and it’s rarely the drunk driver."We are constantly catching and arresting drink drivers and thereby preventing collisions, but it isn’t possible to catch them all. "It may sound like a stuck record but the mindset urgently needs to change."