Drunk driver collides with car during school run leaving 'a trail of destruction'

This is the result of a drink driver leaving a 'trail of destruction' during the school run yesterday morning.

Tuesday, 21st May 2019, 1:07 pm

A post on PSNI Cookstown Facebook site, posted yesterday, said: "Not even 9am this morning and we found ourselves dealing with the mess left by a drink driver in Cookstown.

"Slap bang in the middle of the school run and this drink driver is on the road, collided with another motorist and left a trail of destruction."

The post adds that "Mid Ulster crews are either catching drink drivers or attending collisions caused by them on a near daily basis".

Car involved in collision in middle of school run - PSNI image

They add: "It’s never been acceptable to drink and drive and it isn’t now, we need to see a change in the mindset and immediately."