PSNI find 'absolute monster of pothole' on NI road - public asked to report the driving hazards

This 'absolute monster of pothole' has raised a few heckles on PSNI Facebook.

Monday, 20th January 2020, 2:33 pm
The 'monster pothole' discovered by the PSNI

A post on PSNI Magherafelt asks motorists to proactively report any they find.

"Potholes I know we talked about this before but came across this absolute monster of pothole just outside Clady on the Innshrush Road," says the post.

"We have reported it to Department of Infrastructure using their website so if know of any more get reporting them at to NI Direct a pothole is "where the surface of the road has worn away and a hollow has formed".

"Potholes can form quickly and are a hazard," they add.

"If you're concerned about a pothole, you can report it online."