Traveller admits assault on police in Castledawson


A MEMBER of the travelling community who punched a police officer on the shoulder and struck another on the side of the head, received a four-month suspended jail sentence at Magherafelt Magistrates Court.

Robert Cadona (40), of Hillhead Road, Castledawson, admitted charges of assault, disorderly behaviour, threatening to damage property and resisting police at Hillhead Cottages on July 11 last.

A PPS lawyer said defendant told police to ‘f..k off you b..ds’ when they arrived and punched the side window of the police vehicle twice.

The lawyer said Cadona attempted to pull an officer from the car when the vehicle door opened. CS spray was used on the defendant, who continued to lash out and use abusive language.

She added officers eventually restrained him on the ground.A defence barrister said Cadona had consumed a substantial quantity of drink and had no recollection of the incident.

At the same court, a former Magherafelt man who shouted ‘F..k you’ at a passing police car, was given a one-month suspended jail sentence.

Nigel Stewart (39), of Rockmills, Strand Road, Londonderry, admitted disorderly behaviour at Queen’s Street, Magherafelt, on July 21 last. A defence lawyer said Stewart had been out drinking with friends and had got agitated as he thought the police were going to pick on him for a search.