Tributes paid after death of popular Ballinderry man

The late Vincent McOsker
The late Vincent McOsker

The Ballinderry community has been saddened following the passing of Vincent McOsker, who has been remembered for his love of cycling, history and walking, which were key among his many passions.

A keen astronomer too, Mr McOsker was well known in the place where he lived his life and was able to provide a detailed insight into current and world affairs with the many people whose paths he crossed.

An ardent cyclist, Vincie was known the length and breadth of Ireland

Affectionately known as ‘Vincie’, the 76 year-old father of six, who spent his lifetime in the townland of Ballylifford, died on March 14.

Vincent’s daughter Joanne has provided the following tribute to the Mid Ulster Mail, which encapsulates the personality of her beloved father.

The tribute has been written by a parishioner from the area, from which he will be sadly missed by all those who knew and loved him.

“As a young man and later as husband of Margaret he worked hard to provide for his loving family, Brian, Kathleen, Joanne, Claire, Mark and Paul.

“When Vincie gave up his daily toil as a joiner, he entered upon retirement with great vigor and enthusiasm. “He was a frequent traveller to foreign parts and took a keen interest in astronomy, watching the heavenly elements from the prime position of his beautiful home on the hill overlooking the parish of Ballinderry.

“An ardent cyclist, Vincie was known the length and breadth of Ireland.

“Vincie also took a keen interest in local history and was able to offer valuable information for the publication ‘Ballinderry by River, Oak and Castle’.

“He was a regular walker on the lovely ‘Cott Lane’ traversing the river, visiting elderly neighbours and as one fellow walker commented on chatting to Vincie “putting the world to rights”.

“His very reverent funeral also reflected his love of classical music.

“Wee Vincie will be sadly missed by all who knew him, but now he is able to watch over all of us from the heavens which he so admired. May he rest in peace.”