Two animal slurry tank rescues on Mid Ulster farms this week

Cow with calf. Stock image
Cow with calf. Stock image

Firefighters have been called out to rescue two cows and a calf in two separate incidents involving farm slurry tanks in the past week in Mid Ulster district.

The first incident, which took place just before 9am on Sunday (March 26) morning, involved a cow and calf.

They were reported to have fallen into a slurry tank at Derrylattinee Road, Dungannon.

A statement from NIFRS said: "Firefighters used slings, gas monitor and telehandler to rescue a cow from the slurry tank. Fire crews from Dungannon, Clogher and Omagh stations attended the incident."

The second incident, which involved a single cow, was reported on Tuesday, March 28 at 4.42am and took place at Lurganeden Road, Pomeroy.

Fire crews from Pomeroy, Dungannon, Cookstown and Omagh stations attended the incident and used the same techniques outlined above to rescue the animal.