Tyrone AOH speaking up for faith and nation

The 23 year-old man was released on bail.
The 23 year-old man was released on bail.

The Tyrone Hibernians are gearing up for a very active period on a number of fronts, including participation in the forthcoming abortion referendum in the South.

The news comes following the announcement that Tyrone will host next year’s AOH St Patrick’s day parade which will be held in Cookstown and is expected to draw upwards on 30,000 on-lookers.

The Tyrone AOH intends to use this event as a “showcase parade” reflecting the growth of the organisation in the county in the past year.

“The theme will be very much a focus on Faith and Fatherland. Strongly Catholic and Patriotically Irish”, said the Tyrone AOH president Gerry McGeough.

It’s understood that the Hibernian defence of the Mass Rock in Greencastle will be a feature of the parade which the Tyrone AOH predicts will be a massive show of strength by the organisation with American AOH delegations also taking part.

Meanwhile, the Hibernian’s Dungannon-based St Joseph’s Pro-Life Division announced at that it will be actively opposing attempts to repeal the Eighth Amendment in next year’s Abortion referendum in the 26-Counties. Members intend to travel south to help pro-life groups with campaigning.

In conjunction with these developments, the Tyrone AOH’s Irish-speaking Division, Craobh na nGael, also announced that it has initiated new members and intends to commence Irish language classes for the wider public in the coming period.

“Various interest groups have been attempting to tramp over our Irish Catholic culture in recent years,” a spokesperson for the Tyrone AOH said. “The new Hibernian Movement is no longer going to tolerate this and we will speak up for our Catholic Faith and Irish Nation at every opportunity.”