Tyrone firm’s £20k investment is taken as read

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Cookstown-based Mallon Technology is looking to strengthen its position as an industry leading supplier of document capture services with a significant investment in new equipment.

The investment of over £20k in a new state of the art book scanner will allow the company to improve its service, reducing the time it takes to scan individual books and enhancing the quality of images captured whilst helping to attract new business to the region as a leading supplier of document capture and book scanning services for over 15 years,

Mallon Technology has vast experience in helping clients such as Queen’s University Belfast to protect and preserve their important historical book collections.

The purchase of the new book scanner enables the company to capture individual book pages faster then it takes to blink, increasing capacity and the ability to service new and existing customers quickly.

Services Project Manager, Ruth O’Kane, whose team will be leading the use of the new book scanner, explains why Mallon Technology decided to invest in new scanning equipment

“Our new state of the art book scanner provides our customers with the best in technology, helping to improve our service delivery and ultimately preserve and protect the books and collections that form an invaluable part of our shared history,” she said.

Mallon Technology’s investment aims to attract new business to Tyrone and cement its status as one of the leading business service providers.

Its digital capture of historical books and collections includes work carried out for The McLay library at Queen’s University Belfast and scanning pension files for the Department of Defence.