Tyrone man stole ‘Frozen’ toy and then discarded it because of mental problem

Frozen toy
Frozen toy

A community service order has been given to a Cookstown man, who claimed he stole a ‘Frozen’ toy because of a mental health problem.

Arthur Quinn, 44, from Forth Glen, appeared at Dungannon Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

The court heard how on September 16, staff at the Toymasters’ store contacted police after the defendant tripped the security scanners at the shop doors.

CCTV footage showed the defendant subsequently discarding the toy outside the store before climbing into his car, which was his mother’s mobility vehicle.

Judge John Meehan said that his defence on the grounds of mental health problems was a throwback to the 1980s when thieves commonly blamed their behaviour on underlying mental conditions. His defence solicitor explained to the court that Quinn could be seen on CCTV standing in a queue to buy the toy, but appeared to have lost his patience and walked out of the shop.

However, he has mental health difficulties, added the solicitor.

It emerged that Quinn had a previous record, with a prior offence occurring 18 years ago.

Quinn was also charged with driving with no insurance and taking a vehicle without consent.

He was given a 100 hour community service order, and a six month probation order.