Tyrone nun put forward to become a saint

Mother Angeline
Mother Angeline

A Brocagh native, for whom a three shrines have been set up in Clonoe parish, is now being considered by Pope Francis for canonization.

Brigid Teresa McCrory, who came into the world in Upper Back on January 21, 1893, went on to form a new order of Carmelite nuns who worked for the elderly and infirm in the Bronx, New York.

Now better known as Mother Angeline, a miracle has been attributed to her since her death on January 21, 1984, on behalf of a mother and her unborn child.

“There is a miracle being considered,” Father McCallion of Clonoe parish said.

“The story, one sister told me... was that, apparently a mother had a child that the doctors told her was very badly disfigured. They [doctors] recommended abortion, and she said no.

“A friend of hers, I think, had connections with the nuns of Mother Angeline’s order, and they sent her a card saying they had prayed for the child’s wellbeing and the mother’s wellbeing, and the child was delivered normal — fully developed.”

“The doctors were shocked by this,” Fr McCallion went on, “and then this went forward to the postulant of her cause, [who] took it Rome and it’s being considered by the congregation of Saints.

Mother Angeline’s status as a Venerable, and her cause for sainthood were celebrated during Mass at St Patrick’s Church, Clonoe on Sunday.

Archbishop Martin joined the parish’s priests and sisters from Mother Angeline’s order and Mother Teresa’s order to celebrate unveiling the picture shrine in Mother Angeline’s honour.

On June 28, 2012 Pope Benedict XVI put Mother Angeline on the path to sainthood.