Tyrone pupils invited to design their own postcards

TYRONE pupils have the chance to show how proud they are of their local area in a national competition.

They are being invited to design their own postcards showing off landmarks and places of interest or beauty in the Tyrone area.

The best entries from Tyrone will compete nationally to have their designs printed up as proper postcards.

The Pride of Place Pupils’ Postcards competition is open to Tyrone school children from four to 16 years of age.

The competition is being launched by SchoolStickers.co.uk, which is the UK’s biggest provider of motivational products for school children.

Managing director Neil Hodges is hoping for a great response from Tyrone pupils. He says: “This is a chance for Tyrone pupils to show off the best bits of their area. The design of the postcard is up to them, whether it’s a great drawing, collage or photo. Lots of schools already use School Stickers postcards to send home messages of praise to parents about their children’s successes, so many pupils will be familiar with designing them.

“And the landmarks they choose can be somewhere less-known nationally but important locally, perhaps a great building, amazing view or somewhere of historic interest. We are confident there will be a great response.”

The competition is split into three different age categories, 4-8 (school years 1, 2, 3 & 4), 8-12 (school years 5,6 & 7), and 12-16 (school years 8,9 &10).

Entries must be received by midnight on June 14 2013, with the winners announced on June 21.

More information about the competition and how to enter can be found online at: http://www.schoolstickers.co.uk/postcardcompetition