Tyrone teenager 'knocked out cold' in US lightning strike

Ryan Murphy who was "knocked out cold" in the lightning strike.
Ryan Murphy who was "knocked out cold" in the lightning strike.

A Cookstown teenager struck by lightning at a US golf tournament is planning to return home on Tuesday.

Nineteen-year-old Ryan Murphy was "knocked out cold" and left bruised and shaken.
According to his father, Terry, his son had been following Rory McIlroy at the event in Georgia.
Ryan - who had been working in the US over the summer - was sheltering under a tree with other spectators when the lightning struck, injuring him and five other people.
Video footage shared on social media shows the lightning strike hit the tree before a cloud of smoke goes up.
Mr Murphy told the BBC he and his son had been texting each other throughout Saturday, with Ryan providing running commentary of the Tour Championship.
Both are members of Killymoon Golf Club in Cookstown and Ryan had gone to Georgia in the hope of seeing a McIlroy victory.
His father says: “I heard the beeping of machines and I knew it was medical. The first thing he said to me was ‘Don’t say anything to mummy’.”
Ryan told his father he had been sheltering under a tree when the lightning struck and all he could remember was waking up “yards away” with the emergency services all around him.