UKIP weigh into plaque row in Magherafelt

Henry Reilly, UKIP Northern Ireland's 2014 European Election Candidate
Henry Reilly, UKIP Northern Ireland's 2014 European Election Candidate

A UKIP councillor has weighed into the row over the controversial plaque remembering two Sinn Fein councillors who were killed during the Troubles.

Councillor Henry Reilly, who is the Chairman of the UK Independence Party in Northern Ireland, stated his concern at the presence of plaques to John Joe Davey and Bernard O’Hagan in the main entrance to Magherafelt District Council offices.

Councillor Reilly said: “It is a serious concern to many people that the Council is trying to create a hierarchy of victims by elevating Sinn Fein members and giving them a special status while Sinn Fein as part of the Republican movement try to demean and insult the memory of the many innocent police and military and innocent Protestant civilians who were butchered at the hands of the most ruthless terrorist organisation western Europe has ever known.

“We have all witnessed the belligerence of Republicans when it comes to parading in towns like Castlederg and elsewhere yet they have no compunction about giving their own members a elevated status in Magherafelt Council Offices.

“It is a disgrace and a situation that should not be forced on the people of the District many of whom will feel the Council offices as a cold house as a result.”

In a letter to Victim’s Campaigner Willie Frazer published in last week’s MAIL the council pointed out that Councillors Davey and O’Hagan, who were shot by loyalist gunmen, were never convicted of murder or of any terrorist activity.