Unionist anger over Easter lilies in Magherafelt council building

Magherafelt council
Magherafelt council

Unionists have reacted angrily to the apparent sale of Easter lilies inside the offices of Magherafelt council.

Gareth Ferguson who is the TUV Magherafelt candidate in the super-council claimed unionist staff at the council were ‘deeply troubled’ by the display.

“It is absolutely scandalous that a display of Easter lilies and a box marked “Honour Ireland’s Patriot Dead Wear an Easter Lily” has been placed in the reception area of Magherafelt council,” he said.

“The Magherafelt area suffered greatly at the hands of the terrorists who are celebrated by those who wear Easter lilies. This is a gross insult to the loved ones of those who died at the hands of Republican terrorists.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that such items would be displayed in a building funded by ratepayers, many of whom are Unionists.”

He added: “I am demanding the immediate removal of an Easter lily collection box from the premises of Magherafelt Council and an explanation of when this was approved, by whom and upon what basis.”