Unionists oppose use of ‘Irish first’ on new Mid Ulster District Council logo

Cllr Trevor Wilson, UUP
Cllr Trevor Wilson, UUP

The UUP and DUP have united in their opposition to the use of “Irish first” on the new Mid Ulster District Council logo.

Calling the decision “disappointing”, local leader for the UUP, Trevor Wilson, told the Mail: “The decision taken to have all the Mid Ulster Council branding bilingual is very disappointing - but not unexpected.

“For many, Irish language is part of their culture; likewise, Ulster Scots.

“However with English the common language, understood by everyone, I simply do not believe that the cost of using other languages on branding, signs and council headed notepaper can be justified as economically viable.”

DUP MLA for Mid Ulster, Ian McCrea has also hit out at the move.

He said: “I welcome the new logo for Mid Ulster District Council - I do however take great issue with the use of dual languages.

“This yet again shows the sectarian intentions of Sinn Fein and the SDLP to shove the Irish language down our throats by having the Irish first then English.

“We are once again seeing the majority rule of republicanism and nationalism in play, the same majority rule they complained about when unionists controlled councils.

“This decision is wrong... and is far from meeting the equality obligations of the new council - especially for the unionist community.”