UNISON to stage protest outside Health and Social Care Board


TRADE Union organisation UNISON are planning a protest outside the meeting of the Health and Social Care board tomorrow morning at 10am.

Patricia McKeown UNISON general secretary has asked for speaking rights.

UNISON are protesting as they believe the power to instruct the trusts and give them purposeful direction on how the next phase of the consultation is handled is with the board.

UNISON believe that until the non-admisssion policy is lifted the whole consultation process is bias, unfair and goes further to say that if the non admission policy is allowed to sit, the board are permitting the consultantion process to be fundalmentally flawed in a hope of maliplutating the consultation outcome which begins at the start of October 2013.

The board have stated they did not know of such policies but if they were aware of any trust carrying out such a practice they would monitor this trust carefully and review the situation.

In particular today UNISON Northern Health Branch will present evidence that the Northern Health trust has indeed been carrying out such a policy and call on the health & social care board to lift the embargo on admissions to all homes in the northern health branch and indeed in all homes across the provience.

Failure to do so will imply that the health & social care board want to malipulate the outcome of the consultantion process to suit the trusts and their money saving agenda, with no regard for the wishes and desire of the people of the provience, the staff in these homes, the relatives and most importantly our elderly residents that consider these residental homes their home.

UNISON are calling on the Health and Social Care board to be the guardians of our elderly not the villians in the piece and protect them.

The protest will be held tomorrow morning (Thursday 12th September at St Columbs Park House, 4 Limavady Road, Derry at 10am.