UPDATE: DUP’S James Shiels rejects SDLP councillor’s ‘smears’

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A Mid Ulster DUP councillor has hit back at SDLP representative Denise Mullen - who today revealed threats had been made against her life - after she accused him of supporting a social network post which police say they are investigating.

Cllr Mullen found herself embroiled in an online storm of abuse last week when Ulster Unionist MLAs Tom Elliott and Sandra Overend criticised comments she made about the new Mid Ulster Council’s policy not to fly any flags or political emblems.

Earlier today, Cllr Mullen said she was “distraught” after being told of two threats made against her life.

The Dungannon councillor also said she was “extremely disappointed” that DUP representative on the new council, James Shiels, had ‘liked’ a Facebook post which made inflamatory comments about her.

Responding to her claims, Cllr James Shiels, who represents the Carntogher area, said: “I was quite shocked to see Cllr. Mullen sink so low as to level baseless accusations against me. I did not “like” any post which contained any insults or threats, and reject her smears that I did.

“Whilst I understand that Cllr. Mullen wants to deflect attention away from her own widely condemned comments regarding the flying of the union flag which caused great insult to unionists, she does not have the right to try and draw me, or anyone else for that matter into her shameful politicking.

“Once again someone has to call on Cllr. Mullen to reflect over her own words, and again urge her to start working towards building community relations across the council area instead of making yet more comments that only damage them.”